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Integrated Pest Management - Eliminates the Unwanted in Your Property

Pest Control is the management or regulation of a specific species defined as anopheles, a member of the order Orthoptera, that negatively affects human activity by causing damage to crops, horticulture and other agriculture related activities. The use of pesticides is one of the techniques used in pest management. These pesticides are used to prevent rodents and insects from destroying plant and crop products, and reduce their numbers. In the United States, the most common insecticides used are most often pyrethrin, lindane, and Bt.

There are various types of pest control techniques used today. While some techniques are more hazardous than others, they all have one main objective. The main article focuses on those pests that affect humans and/or property and are considered nuisances. These include ticks, flies, bees, and rodents. Ticks usually carry diseases, which spread to humans. For the purpose of this article, it is only pests that are considered nuisances.

Among all the methods used for pest control, traps are the most commonly used, as they are economical, easy to use and do not cause collateral damage. Most of these traps come with a mechanism that releases either poison or a lethal dose of electricity when pressure is applied on it. This type of trap functions by releasing toxins that eat away at the flesh of the insect. The two most effective methods of killing these insects are poison and insecticides.

Another method in pest control is using pheromone traps. These pheromone traps emit a pheromone scent that attracts mosquitoes and other insect pests. Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to smells that are similar to human urine. When a mosquito comes into contact with these scents, it will become stuck and drown in the saliva that flows out of its mouth. Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in the feces of these insects, killing them results in preventing larvae from developing.

Pest control companies also utilize bait. Usually, bait is a substance made from materials that are attractive to pests. Most common baits are cheesecloth and string, although petroleum-based baits are also available. These baits release a deadly ingredient called pyrethroids. These are known to cause instant death on the insect pest, although there are some instances where the damage done to the targeted home may not be immediately apparent, especially if the pest control company is not experienced in the area.

Aside from traps and poisons, it is important for pest control workers to have a way to dispose of dead insects and their carcasses. As most people would imagine, disposal of insects and their carcasses can be a daunting task, given their huge size. To solve this problem, some pest control companies provide a service wherein they take care of the disposal of the dead insect and then dispose of it properly. One of the most common ways to do this is by burning or using high-powered heat to blast the insects off the carcass. However, since these insects are extremely resilient, pest control companies might need to use more advanced methods in the future. This is where integrated pest management comes in. Go to for more.

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